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Brand Introduction

The Sunfish

The Sunfish and it's sister boat Sailfish's origin comes from the legacy from American 1950's mail-order "Do it Yourself" kits. Designed and sold by Alcort, these small, durable, easy to trasport sailboats were simple for beginners to sail, and became popular on beaches and lakes across America.

It's been said that Sunfish's circular logo was originally drawn by tracing a dime and adding the mouth and fins after. Note: I believe "Sunfish" written in Helvetica (released in 1957) was a later addition to the logo during the late 1960's when Alcort was purchased by AMF.

Reference Link sunfish forum


60 Years of Sunfish

As part of a campaign to celebrate the Sunfish sixtieth anniversary on the market, LaserPerformance created a limited edition Boat and Sail.

Honoring the Sunfish's memorable and iconic logo, the 60th anniversary logo is simply a fun design of 60 Sunfish representing each year. The two versions of the logos are complementary to each other.

An optical illusion occurs while staring at the two logos below.

Sail and hull Graphics

Limited Edition: Green Version

Limited Edition: Red Version