Brand Campaign / Print / Digital


Painting with Light

Painting with Light's the second messaging champaign of "Heritage Remixed," comes directly from the namesake of Maclaren's new, refined Core 3.0 Collection. The new core product collection fabric color palettes takes deep complex colors, and mixes them with contrasting creamy whites and bright warm emotional colors.

The Brand Messaging twist for Painting with Light mixes dramatic studio lighting with the elements of Heritage Remixed to create a range of whimsical, airy layouts, to grounded iconic imagery.

Print Materials

Tradefolio and Consumer Mini-Book

Every two years Maclaren prints a large tradefolio for it's vender accounts and a consumer brochure. This effort was a part of a larger push to replace studio photography with CGI renders.

The Maclaren tradefolio and consumer mini-catalog covers visually tired together by the Heritage Remixed patterns and Maclaren Blue color.

The Maclaren tradefolio was in fact two 115 page A4 sized books cover 8 languages. Each book covers all of the Maclaren collections in there entirety with detail, and contains hundreds of images.

The tiny A6 sized consumer mini-catalog was 40 pages in length that summarizes the Maclaren collections. Page details are photoshoped. My last sample was snagged during a show-and-tell.

Detail of pages 16 and 17, showing a airy layout.

A full vertical centerfold was made to showcase one of the new CGI renders, because CGI was fashionable.


eCommerce and World of Maclaren

With the exceptions of the tradefolio and mini, Painting with Light deliverables were primarily in digital format.

World of Maclaren webpage that explains the updated and refined features of the new Core 3.0 Collection.

Maclaren's Brand page in Winstanleys Pramworld eCommerce site.

The Maclaren eCommerce page featuring the whimsical hero banner for Painting with Light.