Building Signage / Window Graphics



Mediant is a communications company that provides banks, brokers, advisors and funds a centralized digital platform of applications for investor communications. This digital platform "MIC," as described on the Mediant website: "The unifying, central platform empowers clients, advisors, and operations to easily track, manage and take action on real-time investor communications."

Background / Project

In late-2016, the originally named "Mediant Communications" rebranded it self "mediant," which came with a shinny new logo. Desai Communications, was tasked in the design and creation of new signage for Mediant's New fulfillment center in Wayne, New Jersey. Originally a door signage brief, the combination of scale, in the form of two stories of glass, and design opportunities the project grew in scope.

Make the Logo Bigger

Signage and Window Wrap

The Building

Mediant shares the 70 Demarest Drive building with Elevator Products Corporation (EPCO), whos main building entrance is to the left in the illustration above.


Main Entrance Signage

The Mediant sign itself attached to a 7.5ft(w) X 1ft(h) aluminum pannel, situated above the facilities main entrance.

Multi Window Wrap Design

The Mediant window glass design covers 11 of the 17 entrance windows.