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NBC Sports Social Media

As the world began shutting down late-March 2020 so did live sporting events. The NBC Sports marketing Team, now working remotely, was tasked with promoting classic sporting events and eSports on NBCSN.

Each social media image was resized for various social media platforms. Presented work samples are the instagram 9x16 versions (if made) due to there poster like proportions.

Hockey Week in America

Sidney Crosby vs. Alexander Ovechkin

Football Week in America

Peyton Manning's Broncos Debute


Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Olympic Games Week

Return To Rio

Olympic Games Week

Return To Beijing

From The Vault

Full Week Schedule

From The Vault

NHL Classics

From The Vault

Men's French Open Classics

From The Vault

The Irish

American Pharoah

Triple Crown Run

IndyCar iRacing

Grand Prix of Alabama

IndyCar Template

Point Standings