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The Brand Harman

Harman, or Harman International Industries, Inc., is a Stamford, CT based company that designs a large range in consumer and professional audio gear, with a strong fucus on connectivity. Some of the notable brands owned by Harman are;

It's worth noting that recently (in March 2017) Harman was purchased and is now an American subsidiary of Samsung Group.

Harman College Campus Recruitment Gear

Campus Crew All Access Pass

Harman Shirts

The white Harman 'Campus Crew' shirts, following the Harman guidelines, sported a two color logo on the front. Mimicking concert t-shirts, the back has a list of the city's the recruitment events took place, followed a standard lock-up list of brands under the Harmen brand.

The blue shirts looked cooler.

Lanyard Design

Following the Harman guidelines, the dance floor inspired 'All Access Pass' lanyards, utilizes Harman's various gradients as dynamic stage lighting that interacts with the dancing partygoers below.