Event Welcome packet / Information Design / Print


Aramark 2nd Annual Ring of Stars

Aramark's Annual Ring of Stars is a 2 day employee recognition and leadership summit held to recognize, inspire and honor the hard of work of it's frontline employees. The 250 selected employees with their significant others were wined, dined and entertained through out the Ring of Stars event held at the Red Rock Casino and Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Along with the leadership summit, the event featured speakers including; the Aramark CEO Eric Foss, Iron Chef Cat Cora, and Captain Chesley Sullenberger.


Aramark Event Information Packet

The Aramark Brand and Style guidlines, is a short, simple and well thought out document covering logo usage and unfortunately the use of a single graphical element. The best illustration of this are the Aramark folder designs which feature a large horizontal band with a soft wave, splitting the layout in two visual quadrants. Per guideline instructions this wave is cleverly taken from the shoulders and arms of the Aramark Star Person logo. An alternative vertical option is to be used from the logo's left arm and leg.

Folder Designs

The year prior, the Ring of Star Folders featured a larger red area that included a pho-cloth texture. The 2016, approved folder option sports a simpler cleaner flat color design.

The intro image of Las Vegas Strip attractions are repurposed design elements taken from an alternative design option chosen and nixed at the last minute.

At the time I was unaware that Georgia based event production company, EVI, was working with Aramark. The Vegas Stip super-gloss graphics most likely clashed with their already developed design vision.

Inside: Information Design / A Small Design Victory

The three tiered die-cut information sheet designs were a pickup from the previous Ring of Stars. It was already priced-in, and Aramark liked them a lot. The departure came from a simple, straight color bar design, with large, clear, easy to read typography utilizing the three Aramark colors, which visually organizes the information.

  • Red: welcome letter from the CEO and important information
  • Grey: schedule and map (or when and where)
  • Black: speakers and entertainment (or who and what)

Please Note: You will not find anything about straight line color blocks in Aramark's identity guidelines section.

Packet Materials Design and Layout

The information pages were designed with a 1.75 inch margin from the top for clean presentation while in the pocket folder. The image above reveals the content on the back four information sheets.

The back letter-sized sized pages were a packet of doubled-sided printouts stapled together on the top left hand corner over the "Ring of Stars" logo text. I originally intended them to be to be two folded 11x17 sheet. Not my decision.

Culinary Showcase Folded Handout

In addition to the Welcome Information Packet, a handout was designed for the Culinary Showcase event. The inside features a CandyLand-ish game board themed map of the tasting stations.