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Maclaren at 2009 ABC Show

Shortly before planning began for the 2009 ABC show, Maclaren announced it's acquisition of the luxury children's furniture brand Netto Collection. The newest additions of Maclaren's already swelling product lineup resulted in a multi-feature product show, featuring Netto Collection's Louie, Cabine, Moderne and Cub Kids furniture collections along with Maclaren's new flagship Stroller Grand Tour LX, it's new Eco Collection, along with it's featured Objects of Design.

Product Lines
  • Grand Tour LX
  • Objects of Design
  • Travel Cot
  • Ecco Collection
  • Beginning…
  • Core Collection
  • Toys
  • Core Collection
  • Accessories
Netto Collection
  • Louie Collection
  • Moderne Collection
  • Cabine Collection
  • Cub Kids 2.0 Collection
  • Rufus Bear Rocker

Floor Plan

The Space

3D Renderings

Blender (free trial version) 3D model screen shoots of the space.

Reminder: This was 2009.

Floor Plan

Full floor plan of the 2000 Square Foot tradshow space.


Branding and Display Graphics

Our goal was mix in new 2009 brand spirographic elements together with the recycled Macalren Evergeen wall banners.

Event Images