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PepsiCo Performance with Purpose

Performance with Purpose is PepsiCo's global initiative, following the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, to grow it's business (and long-term financial performance) in a sustainable way that promotes; healthier products that consume less resources, a cleaner planet and help people by using it's business to promote human rights.

Started in 2006 Performance with Purpose is part of the PepsiCo 2026 Agenda, and for transparency, PepsiCo reports on it's progress every year, and can be found here.

Wall Section

Products / Planet / People

Our mission was to adapt the PepsiCo 2015 Sustainability Report, a 40 page book, into a visual wall presentation for the PepsiCo Purchase Campus. The four matrix panels measuring 192in.(w) X 30in.(H) each covering elements from the introduction, products, planet and people sections of the report.

Matrix Frames: Lightweight printed fabric (prints about 150dpi) with a hard silicone-edge that fits into an aluminum frame.

Layout and Graphics

Introduction Matrix

The Introduction covers a message from the CEO and Chairwoman, Indra Noovi, the overall progress of the 2026 PepsiCo Agenda, and the PepsiCo sustainability pillars.

Products Matrix

The Product section covers PepsiCo's progress in reducing sugers, and introducing new food technologies to meet the nutritional needs of the global diet. Several case study examples are shown.

Planet Matrix

The Planet section covers PepsiCo's progress on manufacturing food with less environmental impact.

People Matrix

The People Section Covers several PepsiCo initiatives that range from worker safety, PepsiCo's award winning Food for Good program, PepsiCo partnering with Diplomas Now, and it's expanding sustainable agricultural practices that support human rights.

In situ

In situ

The above photoshop comp showing 3 of the 4 matrix frames in situ. Fixed a few of the ceiling tiles.